Sala Arun comprises of 2 Standard 4 deluxe and 1 suite, each named after the history of Kingdom in Thailand in various period.  All are furnished with flair and originality, and above all else with great attention to detail, by Bangkok interior designer, Chavalit Chavawan. Decorating with irony and wood are the hallmarks of Chavalit, mixing rich, luxurious materials with humble, pleasant objects.

All this design would mean nothing, of course, if bedrooms were not comfortable. To this end, we have ensured that wherever possible, the beds are king-size and in all cases, are fitted with mattresses of indescribable comfort. The end result is, we hope, the ultimate have for rest, relaxation and peace.

Suite (with Panorama River View)
Developed for our modern day lifestyle.  This smart, unbeatable view of Wat Arun and Wat Po suite offers an up-to-date facilities expected of a small luxury hotel.  Balcony with giant swing will bring you back in time when watching the sunset across the river, behind Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun).  LCD TVs,minibars, safes, air-conditioning and internet connections have been unobtrusively installed in unique pieces of antique furniture, each one the fruit of an exhaustive search.

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Deluxe (with River View)
This SalaArun has 4 deluxe bedrooms, all air-conditioned with wooden teak floor, great views and latest technology. 35 square meter spacey with 4 rooms facing Temple of Dawn and 2 rooms facing Reclining Buddha Temple. LCDs, DVDs, Minibar, Safe, Internet Wifi and iPod dock are all installed to suit the modern lifestyle. Please take the time during your stay to wander around the hotel, bar and brasserie and enjoy the art which has been collected by the owners from their travel trails.

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Standard (with City View)

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Services and Amenities in your Room
• King Size Bed
• 100% cotton oversized towels
• Duvets available
• Make up and shaving mirror
• Cloth Slippers
• Thick bathrobes
• iPod Dock with remote controller
• Hair dryer
• Refrigerator and Private Mini Bar
• Air-Conditioning
• 32” LCD Television
• Cable TV.
• Free WI-FI internet
• Electronic Safety Box